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The Doom Patrol Review


My Greatest Adventure was an omnibus adventure title for DC Comics (National Periodical Publications back then) that highlighted action and adventure stories, usually with a science fiction or monster bent )(much like Mystery in Space and Strange Adventures). The title was doing somewhat poorly in sales when Arnold Drake, Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani premiered the Doom Patrol in Issue #80. The feature highlighted the cover for the next five issues, and with #86, the title was officially changed to Doom Patrol.

My Greatest Adventure #80My Greatest Adventure #80

"The Doom Patrol"
Script by Arnold Drake and Bob Haney
Art by Bruno Premiani
Cover by Bruno Premiani

SYNOPSIS: Three people were brought together in a darkened basement by a bearded man in a wheelchair. He labeled all three as "quitters" and "outcasts". In his own disabled state, he told them had he went on his own adventures with his mind, and also that there were adventures in which he was unable to participate, and that was why he had brought together the three of them. As the three began to express their willingness to leave, a spotlight highlighted a young lady ... Rita Farr. The bearded man, soon to be better known as The Chief, explained to all of them that Rita had been on location for a movie in Africa when she was caught in a river current and had to follow it in order to escape being devoured by a crocodile. After passing over some falls, Rita found herself in a strange area filled with gas geysers. She managed to drag herself out of the area and back to the movie set, but was stricken with an unknown illness for days afterward. After she recovered and was ready to shoot her next scenes, Rita suddenly found herself the size of a giant. As Rita moved, she then shrank to doll-szie. A native witch doctor later pieced together that the mysterious vapors of the geysers ahd been the cause of her new transformations. She soon learned to control the transformations at will, but not before Rita had given up her movie career out of fear and shame.

The spotlight next turned to Larry Trainor, a man sheathed entire in bandages beneath his street clothes. Larry had been a test pilot commanding the experimental rocket plane K-2F, when the gyro controls suddenly jammed and took him to a suborbital altitude. Larry lost consciousness and his plane skimmed through the atmosphere of "inner space" for hours until it finally began to descend. Larry awoke in time to crash land safely in a dry river bed. A rescue plane from the base arrived soon after, but Larry saw that one of the plane's landing gear had not deployed. Suddenly, a strange energy duplicate emerged from his body and flew to the other plane, pulling the wheel down so the pilot could land safely. The Chief speculated that the unknown wave belts that bombarded Larry's body while he was in suborbit are what created the bizarre "Negative Man". Larry told the man that while Negative Man was functioning, he was barely conscious and if he didn't return to his physical body within sixty seconds, he'd die. Even though he could control the Negative Man, Larry said nothing would change his mind about not using him.

The third person in the room came forward, revealing himself to be a robot. Cliff Steele had been a daredevil and been in a horrendous car accident. After surgery, he could only remember that his surgeon was an extraordinarily short man, and he woke up to find himself in the possession of a robot body ... his human brain had been transplanted into a mechanical body. The Chief told him to forget his self-pity, as he was now nearly invulnerable to most harm, unbelieveably strong, and still had access to his five senses. He also admitted that he had been the surgeon who had saved Cliff's life. All three of the individuals were awed by this fact, and they followed their host to the nerve center of his headquarters.

The Chief's headquarters had every means of communication and scientific analysis available, and he could contact any place on Earth when a disaster struck. As he obviously couldn't go to any of the sites himself, he wanted the three of them to use their unique powers in those situations, with himself remaining behind and acting as leader. His giant viewscreen was a special television programmed to activate at the words "flash bulletin" in broadcasts, and turned on at that moment. The announcer told of a time bomb that was set to go off on North Street and the evacuation efforts of the police. The Chief turned to Larry, saying that this was a job for Negative Man. He gave Larry a special bomb detector and Negative Man headed off to the warehouse that the police had been searching, finding the bomb and returning within 32 seconds. He gave the bomb to the Chief, who discovered that it was a unique plastic explosive, and then asked Rita for assistance, having her shrink down to get inside the device. While he directed her to disarm the device, Cliff held the bomb to his metal chest in case it went off too soon. Rita was able to disarm the bomb, and all three decided to join the Chief in his work.

Sometime later, The Chief was explaining a new situation that had arisen to his Doom Patrol, unaware that he was being monitored by his oldest enemy, General Immortus. The Chief had obtained a secret photograph of th first known alien space ship to land on Earth, which contained a machine capable of turning any material into atomic fuel, making it the most deadly device ever conceived (at least to people on Earth). The Chief went on to tell them about General Immortus, the one man who would stop at nothing to get the device, but General Immortus himself tired of listening and began contacting his operatives in Rome, Madrid and Tokyo to execute his plans to capture the powerful space craft. The next day, Larry piloted a large cargo plane to the site of the space ship. Cliff had been fitted with a portable television transmitter (strapped to his chest) so that the Chief could remain in constant contact with his team. After landing, the team approached the alien vessel and suddenly a strange tank with a giant on atop it sped out of the ship. The eye was a cannon that emitted a powerful explosive ray. Larry released Negative Man and covered the eye to block its vision, and Rita grew to giant size and destroyed the ray cannon. Negative Man returned to Larry's body just in time, and then a second land craft emerged from the space ship, this time having a cannon that shot out a freezing gas. Larry and Rita were immobilized, but Cliff was able to slowly move to the weapon and jammed his metal arm down the barrel of it. The pressure built up and the weapon exploded. Cliff's left arm and leg were slightly damaged, but he was otherwise okay, and the others were freed from their icy prison.

The explosion hadn't damaged the television transmirtter, and the Chief was sure that General Immortus was nearby, so he told the Doom Patrol to enter the space craft to remove the device quickly. Inside, they found the atomic converter and Cliff was able to rip it from its moorings by concentrating all his power in one arm. As he and Larry began to carry it out (at the Chief's urging, as the ship seemed to be repairing itself as they watched), the voice of General Immortus outside ordered them to surrender or die. As tense seconds ticked away, Cliff came out of the ship and goaded Immortus into attacking him. A polarization ray stop all of his electrical circuits and motors, causing him to fall to the ground. Immortus headed into the ship and faced off against Larry, capturing his Negative Energy in a field of radio static and threatened to keep it that way until Larry died.

Meanwhile, outside a shrunken Rita emerged from Cliff's ear panel and snuck on board the General vehicle and turned off the polarization ray. Cliff was able to handle Immortus' men with ease and then attacked the villain himself, knocking him off his feet and crushing the static device just in time to save Larry. The three left the space ship quickly, taking the atomic converter with them. As they fled, the doors of the ship closed, imprisoning General Immortus inside as the space ship began to take off for space. Immortus attempted to use his knowledge to handle the controls, but the space ship exploded as it passed a mountaintop, marking the apparent end of the long-lived villain. Larry thought that he and Rita had made a pretty good team, much to Cliff's chagrin. Rita pointed out that they all had the Chief to be thankful for back home in leading them. Returning to headquarters, the Doom Patrol's victory was front page news, and it looked like the team of outcasts had been accepted.

COMMENTS: This was the story that began everything, of course, and it still holds up pretty well even today. Bruno Premiani's artwork is beyond reproach ... you really believe that behind all the super-powers, these four people are regular folks (even though the Chief is definitely way smarter than any of us). They hadn't adopted their trademark costumes, but this issue cemented the Doom Patrol's reputation for tackling oddball menaces and disasters (though that was a specialty of all the second tier DC teams back then ... the Challengers of the Unknown, the Sea Devils, Cave Carson, etc.) that stays with the group even today. I mean, sure Tycho Bray and the Purple Purposeless have more in common with Flex Mentallo and Rebis than General Immortus, but it's the sentiment that counts).

For those out there keeping score, Marvel Comics' The Uncanny X-Men was published three months after this initial appearance of the Doom Patrol. That should solve all those "chicken or the egg" questions that still needlessly pop up all the time. I doubt any ideas moved between the two companies (even if Stan Lee was involved). The coincidental publication of the Mutants and the Freaks was just that: a coincidence.

Cliff was called "Automaton" on the cover of this issue.

My Greatest Adventure #81My Greatest Adventure #81

"The Nightmare Maker"
Script by Arnold Drake
Art by Bruno Premiani
Cover by Bruno Premiani

SYNOPSIS: Relaxing in Doom Patrol headquarters, Rita was amazed to see a picture of the team in LIVE Magazine. Larry was quick to point out, however, that the article used only their codenames, not their "human names". Cliff told them to get used to being called "misfits", and that the Chief wanted to see them. A U.S. submarine was trapped on the ocean floor off the coast of New York and poison gas from the engine room had knocked the entire crew out. The Chief had prepared diving equipment for the team, including the largest air tank an mask so that Rita could dive in her giant form.

On site and underwater, Larry released Negative Man, who went inside the damaged sub to revive the crew, while Cliff and Rita attempted to repair the propellor. When it was shown to be to damaged to be properly repaired with the equipment that they had, Rita snapped off one of the blades and used it as a guide to find a giant sea shell that she could carve into an emergency propellor. She created the new prop, and Cliff began work on installing it, and Negative Man had returned to Larry when Rita was suddenly confronted by a giant sea monster. Rita interposed herself between the creature on Larry and the submarine, and was rewarded with a squirt of black of ink, clouding the water around the beast. Rita yanked a torpedo out of one of the sub's torpedo doors and used it to drive the monster to the surface, where she was able to hurl the explosive device and destroy the giant creature (much to the surprise of the men on the rescue ship asea above them). The submarine repairs were completed and it surfaced without any further difficulty, and the Chief called the Doom Patrol as they got out of the water with an urgent message.

A northwestern Canadian town had been buried in a snowslide and needed help, so the Chief sent his transport plane to rendezvous with the three heroes, and they headed out to the frozen north to be of assistance. Once again at giant-size, Rita used a fingernail to cut a huge disk out of the surface of a nearby frozen lake to use as a shovel to quickly uncover the smothered town. Suddenly, a giant snow beast appeared and threatened Rita as she had a shovel full of people from the town. Cliff didn't seem to see the creature, making Larry very angry. After calling his friend "thick", he sentNegative Man to detonate a cabin full of explosives to deter the huge creature. After receiving the thanks of the townspeople and they were back on their way to headquarters, Cliff became concerned that something may be wrong with his brain since he hadn't seen the snow creature. He confronted the Chief, and once again wondered why the genius hadn't let him die.

The Chief told Cliff and the others that there was a televised interview that they all needed to see. A Dr. Janus told an interviewer that he believed that the giant creatures that the Doom Patrol lhad faced were invaders from another dimension. He mentioned that fifteen years ago, a meteorite landed in Logan City, Arizona and eyewitnesses had reported seeing strange life forms within its flames before the rock buried itself in the ground, and that he believed that was the creatures' first failed attempt to enter our dimension. After the interview, Cliff said that he remembered the Logan City incident, but didn't remember any mention of strange beings. The others did however remember it that way, and Cliff again became distressed about the state of his mind. He had Larry send Negative Man out to get copies of newspaper articles about the event, which confirmed the reports.

The Chief was about ready to admit that he might've done Cliff a disservice by saving his life when he suddenly hit on the idea that instead of presuming that a single man who sees things differently than everyone else is insane, what if perhaps this time the entire world was crazy and Cliff was the only sane person. He sent the Doom Patrol out to Logan City, the site of the meteorite strike to investigate.

Meanwhile, Dr. Janus was in his secluded home, pondering his success. He had originally been Dr. Josef Kreutz, of Hitler's Propaganda Bureau. After the war, he escaped from the Allies with an invention that could radio messages into peoples' brains and make them see things that were not there and make them believe things that never really happened. He had tested the device by creating the monsters that the Doom Patrol had encountered, and then convinced the world about the meteorite actually being a vehicle. Kreutz's plan was to next make it seem as if the invaders had destroyed entire cities, and then have "Dr. Janus" use a contrived machine to drive them off and become the ruler of the world. He had also told the newspapers that he was sure that the invasion would take place at the meteorite crater, and headed to Logan City himself to make sure his invaders would appear to the witnesses there.

Meanwhile, the Doom Patrol had arrived in the deserted Logan City. Cliff played a hunch and looked through some of the deserted buildings and they discovered some old newspapers about the meteorite crash, and found no mention of any beings inside it. The Chief listened and watched via the television transmitter and noticed an old advertisement on the wall that some one had drawn a beard and mustache on, which prompted him to take another look at a picture of Dr. Janus. He found that adding a beard and mustache to Janus's face revealed him to be the escaped Nazi war criminal Kreutz, who was obviously behind the whole scheme. Whatever device he was using apparently failed to work on Cliff because of his unique condition.

Moving to the site of the meteorite crater, the Doom Patrol found a large crowd gathering. Soon a giant lizard appeared with an armed alien riding it. Cliff decided to prove to everyone that nothing was there by walking through it, but Kreutz/Janus realized that Cliff hadn't been affected by his device, so he created a new, super illusion to counter his efforts, which made it look like he was being destroyed by the lizard creature. Rita waded in and started crushing the beast, not realizing she was actually crushing Cliff. Cliff managed to break her grip (which looked to everyone else like the beast bit her hand) and Cliff fell to the ground near a high-voltage line tower, unable to get anyone to see or hear him. Cliff climbed the tower and snapped one of the cables, and lashed it downward through the illusion, in hopes that the electrical power would cause enough static to destroy the radio illusion that Kreutz/Janus had created.

Cliff was successful at breaking the villain's hold on everyone, and Negative Man stopped the ex-Nazi when he tried to make a run for it. Back at headquarters, the Chief pointed out that Cliff should see that there were some advantages to his condition now, and Cliff told the others to watch who they were calling "thick" in the future.

COMMENTS: Okay, there's one leap in logic in this story that even I cannot buy into, namely the Chief getting the idea to put a beard on Janus' picture because he saw it on an ad on the wall in Logan City. That just doesn't make a lick of sense ot me, even with the Chief's brilliantly organized brain working on the entire problem. The leap from bearded lady in toothpaste flyer to Nazi war criminal is the kind of logic that usually requires either sedation or psychedelics to acheive. It wouldn't have been nearly so noticable or worrisome if the discovery of Janus/Kreutz hadn't been such a pertinent part of the story. I still have to give the story a B (on a scale of 1 to 10) for the excellent characterization that Drake gave the characters otherwise. Bruno Premiani's artwork is, as always, fantastic.

Cliff was still referred to as "Automaton" in this story, this time by Larry when discussing the photographs in the magazine with Rita, and later by the Chief.

This issue also features the science fiction story "Listen, World ... I'm the Missing Link" featuring artwork by Alex Toth.

My Greatest Adventure #82My Greatest Adventure #82

"Three Against the Earth"
Script by Arnold Drake
Art by Bruno Premiani
Cover by Bruno Premiani

SYNOPSIS: Roy Jamison, publisher of the Graphic, purchased a unique miniature camera within a lighter from Mr. Danoqic for use that night at the annual Civic Association Banquet. This year, the Doom Patrol was being honored. Jamison was donating $5,000 to their favorite charity the next day, and gave each teammate a gold scroll, and gave Rita a gold cigarette lighter as well. He also told everyone not to forget the man behind the trio that no one had ever seen -- The Chief.

Later in their headquarters, Cliff was angry because that. while the city honored them, the people still didn't accept them as people, just "fabulous freaks". The Chief said that it would just take time, as men have a natural fear of anything that's strange to them. Rita gave the Chief a light and they turned in for the night. The next day, Rita arrived at Jamison's office at the Graphic to pick up the check for charity. While she was there, he also lifted the cigarette lighter from her purse and took it to the darkroom, where the special film inside was developed and the face of the Chief was finally revealed. The next day a front page story offered a $10,000 reward for any information on who the Chief was. The Chief told the others to leave so he could think and figure out who was the traitor on the team, but Rita stayed behind. The Chief said that his instincts told him that Rita wasn't the traitor, so he revealed the fact that he was not of this Earth to her. The Chief said that his world and people looked much like Earth and humans, and that hsi father had designed the first ship that could leave his solar system, and that he, Vola, had been the pilot chosen to test it. Vola explored space for months until he finally discovered Earth. Enrico Fermi's creation of the first controlled atomic reaction had indicated to him that an advanced civilization existed on Earth, but his ship was attacked by fighter planes and he was forced to crash land. He had lost the use of his legs in the landing, and eventually became wealthy by selling his scientific knowledge. The Chief made Rita promise never to tell his story to anyone, for the sake of his security.

Later that day, Cliff walked in to talk to the Chief, who decided to tell him the story of his past as well. Rita was out walking and thinking about the strange story when her handbag was stolen by a thief who quickly ran away. The next day, a tape recording of the Chief's story as Vola was broadcast by a television station. Cliff and Larry were shocked by the broadcast, since the Chief had told Cliff he had been raised in a Tibetan Lamasery, and he had told Larry that he had been reared at Cambridge University as an intellectual experiment. The Chief had told the different stories (all of which were lies) to find out who the traitor was, and it seemed it was Rita, though she protested her innocence to her friends.

Meanwhile, three noted men met in the city: Senator Durham, noted financier Monsieur Duvoir and Dr. Savatini (president of the International Science Foundation). This particular meeting also revealed one other thing -- all three powerful men were actually aliens. They had spent seven years on Earth preparing their plans and the only stumbling block was the Chief of the Doom Patrol. Now that he was revealed as a fellow alien, they decided that they could either buy him out (including him in their plans of conquest) or kill him. They used a detection device in a helicopter to discover the Doom Patrol's secret headquarters to give the Chief their offer.

The Chief told the others that lighter that Rita had been given contained the tape recorder and that the thief had been retrieving it when he stole her purse. After having the others leave so he could continue his work, Durham, Duvoir, and Savatini arrived and revealed that they were aliens. They explained that they planned to build a network of secret devices around the world to rapidly heat up the planet (drying up the seas and ruining crops), while at the same time setting off some atomic bombs near the sun to explain the lethal heat. They would then announce contact with another world and their invasion force would be able to take over the planet under the guise of saving it. After they had originally landed on Earth, they had buried a model of their heating device at a place that ended up becoming a secret government installation, and they needed the Chief to send in the Doom Patrol to dig it up.

Cliff, Larry and Rita discovered that the government project was urrounded by a a wall of light that would detect anyone passing through it, so Larry sent Negative Man in to turn it off. "Project Moon-City" was a testing ground for automatic devices that could be used during the first moon landing. The devices were programmed to defend themselves as well, and a giant drill attacked them, but couldn't harm Cliff's metal body (which he mentioned had been made out of a Beryllium compound that would require a diamond to drill through). Rita was quickly captured by a giant scoop shovel, but Larry was able to send Negative Man to save her. Rita then grew to giant size and dug out the strange device they had been sent to retrieve. Suddenly, one of the aliens showed up and told them that they had lied to the Chief, and the single device Rita carried was more than enough to carry out their entire plan. He was armed with an atomic distintegrator. Larry quickly released Negative Man, who appeared to flee but had in fact headed back to their headquarters and retrieved a special weapon from the Chief, who had been prepared for this eventuality.

When Negative Man returned, Cliff said that he had gone to retrieve the items he brought from the Chief's world. Cliff fired the strange weapon on to the side of the hill, with the aliens not realizing that Negative Man himself was inside the beam of light, focusing his entire energy output on one spot in the hill. This caused a mighty explosion, which Cliff told the aliens was caused be "Total-light Energy", which the Chief's people had learned to harness. The other item Negative Man had returned with was a red ball. Cliff put it on the ground and it started growing and chasing down the aliens (who didn't realize that it was actually Rita inside the unique material that the Chief had invented).

One of the aliens got to the heat device and turned it on, gloating that the heroes couldn't get close enough to turn it off even if they knew how to work it. Cliff charged to it and through his metal body against the control panel, hoping to cause a short circuit before he completely melted. Negative Man found and corralled the three aliens while he did so, and soon after Cliff finally made the machine shut down. The Chief fixed Cliff up as good as new a short time later, and they all felt it was probably for the best that they didn't know the Chief's background at the moment.

COMMENTS: I think the only real flaw in this story is the fact that Rita couldn't stop a purse-stealer. Other than that, this was a very fun story, primarily for the goofy story that the Chief told Rita about his "origins". There's a willing gullibility about Rita at times that is almost charming (and I really wonder how she held out against Steve Dayton's plans for as long as she did) and in later years we would definitely learn much more about the Chief than a lot of people ever really wanted to know ... but this was definitely a different era and things were considerably more normal (at least as far as the Doom Patrol is concerned).

This issue also features the science fiction story "Hot Cargo to Nowhere" featuring artwork by Howard Sherman.

My Greatest Adventure #83My Greatest Adventure #83

"The Night Negative Man Went Berserk"
Script by Arnold Drake and Bob Haney
Art by Bruno Premiani
Cover by Bruno Premiani

SYNOPSIS: The Doom Patrol was called in because Harry Morton, an unemployed dishwasher was holding police at bay by threatening to blow up a tank of natural gas a top a building with a revolver. As part of the Chief's plan, Rita had brought along a spool of super-strong nylon thread and reduced herself to the size of the spool. Cliff distracted Morton and Negative Man took Rita and the spool up to the natural gas tank, when Rita basically rapelled down the thread to the gun and jammed herself to obstruct the hammer, making it impossible to fire the weapon. The reporters covering the situation told them that they were glad to have the "fabulous freaks" around, a comment to which Larry took exception. Back in their headquarters, the Chief scolded Larry for his attitude, saying that their energies were better spent on perfecting their abilities. The Chief decided that they should test their powers beyond any point they had previously attempted. The durability and strength of Cliff's body was tested by having him stand at the bottom of the elevator shaft and have the elevator slowly descend upon him. He withstood up to 20,000 pounds of pressure, but then they found that the elevator had malfunctioned and wouldn't stop. Rita saved Cliff by pulling the elevator car up by the cable, while Larry repaired the short in the system. Rita was next to be tested, and shrank herself down to be smaller than the printing on the label of a sugar cube. Unfortunately, she was also attacked by an ant on the table, and the speed of its movement didn't allow her time to concentrate and return to her normal size. Larry blew the ant away from her and Rita regained her normal stature.

The final test was for Larry, to discover exactly how long he could live with Negative Man outside his body. Larry released Negative Man, not realizing that his flight path was taking him directly into the course of a radio test, in which Dr. Wexell of the Mount Tobar Observatory was preparing to test the strongest radio signal in history (and hoping to bounce it off the planet Mercury). The signal hit Negative Man and reflected it and himself back upon the transmitter, causing a large explosion. The Doom Patrol was getting worried as Larry could not make Negative Man return, so the Chief put his body into suspended animation to give them all time to catch Negative Man and save their comrade's life.

After destroying the transmitter at Mount Tobar, Negative Man was apparently drawn to other energy sources, including the high tension cables above a hydroelectric dam and a radar receiver, destroying both and plunging the entire city into darkness. Similar disasters continued and visual reports of Negative Man's activites started to flow into the news organizations. The Chief had long ago designed a device to trap and study radio waves from space, and hoped to adapt it to catch Negative Man.

Meanwhile, two criminals on the outskirts of the city planned to use the confusion to their larcenous advantage. Cooky and Nolan had a plan in which to rob banks that were in the areas that Negative Man was blacking out, using a radio (to monitor the communication disruption he caused) to follow him and hit banks in that area.

As a result of the damage that was being caused, an Army General broadcast a report that the Mobile Signal Corps was being brought in to search for Negative Man, and when he was found he would be destroyed with strong radio beams. The Chief heard this and told Rita to enlarge and rush to the news studio to tell the general of their own plan to capture their friend. Unfortunately, Negative Man was heading for the television transmitter, and destroyed it before the general could broadcast a change to his orders to destroy the energy creature. Cooky and Nolan came upon the transmitter station and Cliff and Rita and opened fire on them, damaging their mobile transmitter so that Cliff and Rita couldn't lead Negative Man away. After using their machine guns as handcuffs to corral the two criminals, Cliff uprooted the main power cable that normally powered the television transmitter and used his own body as a conductor to power their transmitter and capture Negative Man in the vehicle's lead vault. Negative Man was returned to headquarters and rejoined Larry.

COMMENTS: This was the first, and only time, it was ever mentioned about how Larry determined he had a one-minute time limit for using Negative Man. I could never figure out how comic book and science fiction heroes and villains could ever figure out the maximum limits on their powers that had lethal consequences without dying while trying, but finally it is explained: Sixty seconds is the amount of time before Larry begins to black out.

Another great job by both Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani on this issue. Premiani showed how versatile he was on each issue he did, and in different ways each time. The sequence with Rita fighting the ants and the stand-off at the start of the story were very well executed and very believeable.

This issue also features the science fiction story "Menace of the Undersea Beanstalk" featuring artwork by John Giunta.

My Greatest Adventure #84My Greatest Adventure #84

"The Return of General Immortus"
Script by Arnold Drake and Bob Haney
Art by Bruno Premiani
Cover by Bruno Premiani



This issue also features the science fiction story "Let's Go - Ghost G.I.'s!" featuring artwork by Howard Purcell.

My Greatest Adventure #85My Greatest Adventure #85

"The Furies from 4,000 Miles Below"
Script by Arnold Drake and Bob Haney
Art by Bruno Premiani
Cover by Bruno Premiani



This issue also features the short story "The Curse of the Cat's Cradle" featuring artwork by Alex Toth.

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