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The Doom Patrol Review


The original Doom Patrol included:
  • The Chief (Niles Caulder)
  • Automaton/Robotman (Cliff Steele)
  • Elasti-Girl (Rita Farr)
  • Negative Man (Larry Trainor)
  • Beast Boy (Garfield Logan): Beast Boy (now known as Changeling) was only a part-time member of the team, since he was a minor and had other responsibilities.
  • Mento (Steve Dayton): Mento was never made an official member, but might as well be considered one.
  • Madame Rouge (Laura De Mille): Madame Rouge was with the Doom Patrol for a short period of time after the Chief ha rehabilitated her. The other members of the team never fully trusted her, and it is doubtful that anyone besides the Chief considered her a de facto member of the Doom Patrol.
The New Doom Patrol consisted of:
  • Robotman (Cliff Steele)
  • Celsius (Arani Caulder)
  • Tempest (Joshua Clay)
  • Negative Woman (Valentina Vostok)
The 1987 Doom Patrol was made up of:
  • Robotman (Cliff Steele)
  • Celsius (Arani Desai Caulder): Celsius died during the Invasion, preventing a Gil'dishpan ship from escaping at the North Pole. It was never officially established that she was the wife of Niles Caulder. The Chief, in fact, completely denied the fact on several occasions.
  • Tempest (Joshua Clay)
  • Negative Woman (Valentina Vostok): Valentina lost control of the Negative Energy Being after an attack by Reactron, which had been orchestrated by Larry Trainor. It returned to her, but later left her for good after the final attack by Garguax's Sirens.
  • Lodestone (Rhea Jones)
  • Karma (Wayne Hawkins): Wayne Hawkins was part of the Suicide Squad/Task Force X team assembled by Black Adam to attack Circe's island during the "War of the Gods". He was killed during that battle by a machinegun barrage (and then having the island destroyed around him).
  • Scott Fischer (Blaze): Scott had been suffering a relapse of his leukemia, was one of the few actual casualties of effects of the Gene-Bomb during the Invasion.
  • Larry Trainor (Negative Man): The Negative Energy Being briefly returned to Larry after he coerced Reactron into attacking Negative Woman. The Being left, but cured him of his radioactive condition. He was later injured in the final attack by Garguax's Sirens.
  • The Chief (Niles Caulder)
The Morrison Doom Patrol
  • Cliff Steele
  • Rebis: Rebis was an amalgam of Larry Trainor, Dr. Eleanor Poole, and the Negative Energy Being.
  • Crazy Jane (Kay Challis)
  • The Chief (Niles Caulder): The Chief was decapitated by the Candlemaker, a nightmare brought to life by Dorothy Spinner.
  • Joshua Clay (Tempest): Josh was shot and killed by The Chief, who had believed Josh was trying to stop him and his plans to use his nanotechnology to reshape the world.
  • Dorothy Spinner
  • Danny the Street: Danny later broadened his horizons by becoming Danny The World.
The Pollack Doom Patrol
  • Cliff Steele
  • Dorothy Spinner
  • The Head (Niles Caulder)
  • George and Marion, The Bandage People
  • Coagula (Kate Godwin)
  • Charlie the Doll (?)
The Arcudi Doom Patrol
  • Robotman (Cliff Steele): The original Robotman with this Doom Patrol was a creation of the mind of the comatose Dorothy Spinner that ceased to exist after Metamorpho questioned what he had been doing for the past four years.
  • Cliff Steele (Robotman): The head of Cliff's body was found in the Smokey Mountains by the Doom Patrol and Gar Logan. His body was rebuilt by Dr. Kolodenko.
  • Fast Forward/Negative Man (Ted Bruder)
  • Fever (Shyleen Lao)
  • Kid Slick (Vic Darge)
  • Freak (Ava)
  • Doctor Kolodenko (sp?)
Thayer Jost's Second Doom Patrol
  • Metamorpho (Rex Mason): Rex Mason was brought back to life temporarily in JLA #52, and apparently reanimated himself completely between that issue and his appearance in Doom Patrol #4.
  • Changeling (Garfield Logan): Changeling is a member of the Titans/New Titans/New Teen Titans/Teen Titans (lord knows what their name is now), and worked with the Arcudi Doom Patrol briefly after he joined Thayer Jost's team, helping the team to find the real Cliff Steele.
  • The Elongated Man (Ralph Dibny): Ralph had previously been hanging around Opal City (after helping Jack Knight during the events of the "Grand Guignol" storyline in Starman. He hadn't accepted the offer from Police Commissoner O'Dare to become a hero with the city like the Black Condor had.
  • Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi): Doctor Light had been a part-time member of the Justice League. She had but a single panel of dialogue (if I recall correctly) during her stay with Thayer Jost's team.


  • Mento (Steve Dayton)
  • Supergirl/Power Girl: The Doom Patrol's original encounters were with Supergirl, but they were later "retconned" into having been meetings with Power Girl (at least the battle with Reactron in The Daring Adventures of Supergirl is shown to have been).
  • Superman
  • Dr. Will "Doc" Magnus: Doc Magnus built Cliff's new body after the original Doom Patrol had been destroyed, and later rebuilt his original body; During the Morrison years, he created a sleek black body with many weapons systems and, more importantly, highly advanced sensory inputs for Cliff - unfortunately, that body achieved sentience and was destroyed in an encounter with The Brain and Mallah; Doc later helped Dorothy deal with the events during and after the attack of the Candlemaker, and also tried to make a body for the Chief's decapitated head.
  • Willoughby Kipling: Kipling, one of the coolest characters in the book in my opinion, was created because Grant Morrison couldn't get permission to use John Constantine in the series. Which was fine with me, as Kipling was a much more interesting character in the peculiar context of the world of the Doom Patrol.
  • Flex Mentallo, Man of Muscle Mystery


  • General Immortus
  • Dr. Janus (Josef Kreutz): Ex-Nazi propaganda minister who developed a way to create very convincing illusions using radio waves.
  • Monsieur Duvoir, Senator Durham and Dr. Savatini (who were actually aliens masquerading as humans in order to fake an invasion and conquer the planet).
  • The Brotherhood of Evil
    • The Brain
    • Monsieur Mallah
    • Madame Rouge (Laura De Ville)
    • Mr. Morden
    • Rog the Robot
    • Giacomo
    • Videx
    • The Great Guru
  • The Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man (Dr. Sven Larsen): Larsen was a former student of Niles Caulder at Stockholm University who believed his teacher had stolen one of his inventions and wanted revenge.
  • Garguax
  • Dr. Tyme
  • Dr. John Radick
  • Mr. 103/Mr. 104
  • The Arsenal
  • Captain Zahl
  • The Land of Orqwith
  • Red Jack
  • The Brotherhood of Dada
    • Mr. Nobody
    • The Quiz
    • Frenzy
    • Sleepwalk
    • The Love Glove
    • Agent "!"
    • Alias the Blur
    • Number None
    • The Toy
  • The Men From Nowhere
  • The Shadowy Mr. Evans
  • The Candle Maker

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