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The Doom Patrol Review


This was, unfortunately, the final special comic devoted entirely to the antics of Ambush Bug.

The Ambush Bug Nothing Special #1 The Doom Patrol in The Ambush Bug Nothing Special #1

The Ambush Bug Nothing Special #1

"The Book of Jobs"
Script by Keith Giffen and Robert Loren Fleming
Art by Keith Giffen, Al Gordon, Bob Oskner, and Chris Sprouse
Cover by Keith Giffen and Al Gordon

SYNOPSIS: Cliff Steele and Rebis of the Doom Patrol appear in "Lesson Number Five: 'Not Many Angels Will Fit on the Head of a Pin!'", as Ambush Bug attempted to gain membership on the team. He showed up dressed as a gay caballero with his head stuck up the rear end of a big teddy bear with a head in the shape of a cathedral with wings. Unfortunately, he was rejected when Cliff thought his sound effects were way too traditional. Rebis did like the Bug's teddy bear placement, though Cliff thought it was derivative of Godard.

COMMENTS: What can you say about Ambush Bug? Just plain damn funny, and the Doom Patrol were pretty damn funny here, too.

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